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Helicopter Anatomy: Essential Helicopter Parts

Helicopter Parts Common To Most Helicopter

There are some helicopter parts that are common amongst and essential to most helicopters you see flying in the sky, whether it’s a police helicopter, a rescue helicopter, a transport helicopter or a helicopter doing aerial research. Some of these parts are the main and tail rotor, blades, and the cab. There are many, many more parts that most helicopters share, and while these may not be any more important than some of the others, they are the most visible.

Together, the main rotor and main rotor blades provide the energy and mechanism necessary to lift the helicopter off the ground. The main rotor turns the blades, and those blades (once the pilot tilts them) act as an airfoil, or aerofoil in England. An airfoil describes a situation where there’s a pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces of a wing or collection of blades, allowing a craft to put some distance between it and the ground. Needless to say, the main rotor and the main rotor blades are very important helicopter parts.

The main rotor creates an enormous amount of torque – and to provide an equal and opposite force helicopters need a tail rotor. To keep the helicopter from spinning around in place due to the torque created by the main rotor, every helicopter has some sort of tail rotor that can counteract that torque. Most helicopters have a tail rotor with tail rotor blades, which by spinning in the same direction (but vertically) fulfill this requirement. One exception to this is Notar technology found on 500N & 600N MD Helicopters. Both the main rotor and the tail rotor keep the helicopter, and its passengers or cargo in the cab, in the air safely.

The cab of a helicopter can vary drastically depending on what the helicopter is intended to do. For example, some rescue helicopters have enormous cabs, with more room than you can imagine, while some transport helicopters you see above downtown skylines only have enough room for two,four, or six passengers. The cab is one of the few helicopter parts that enjoys significant design and utility variations.

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