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Helicopter Overhaul & Repair From California Aero Components

Helicopter Overhaul & Repair From California Aero Components

A fully owned subsidiary of Heli-Mart, California Aero Components (CAC) and is located on the same premises at the John Wayne Airport in Costa Mesa, California, and is FAA approved (CRS #Y5CR165Y) and EASA Certificated (EASA 145.5247) for helicopter overhaul and repair, specifically for the MD Helicopter 500 Series, as well as Schweizer models.

California Aero Components is staffed by exceptional and qualified professional technicians, all with extensive experience in helicopter overhaul and repair. CAC specializes in the inspection, repair, and overhaul of helicopter components, including:

  • Main Rotor Transmission: 369D25100, 369A5100, 369F5100, 269A5175

  • Tail Rotor Transmission: 369D25400, 369A5400, 369D25300, 269A5600

  • Transmission Lubrication Pumps: 369D25167, 369A5264

  • Landing Gear Dampers: 369D26300, 369D26301, 369H6340, 369H92131, 269A3150, 369A6350, 600N6050

  • Tail Rotor Pitch Controls: 369D21800-501, 369H1800-501

  • Oil Cooler Blowers: 369D25630

  • Main Rotor Swashplates: 369D27609, 369A7609, 600N7630

  • Main Rotor Blade Dampers: 369A1400, 369A1423

  • Uni-Locks: 369A7010-501

  • Overrunning Clutches: 369A5350, 369F5450

  • Trim Actuators: 369A7170, 369A7171,

  • Fan Gearbox: 500N5400, 600N5630

For a full list of our capabilities, click on our "Capabilities List" below.

In addition to helicopter overhaul and repair, California Aero Components contributes to Heli-Mart’s extensive $28,000,000 parts inventory of helicopter components, both new and overhauled. Via two companies working together, we make nearly every part and every service available immediately, at a competitive price. To provide a total support solution for our customers is our chief aspiration, and at Heli-Mart, we can say that we have been earnestly fulfilling that aspiration for 40 years.

For information concerning helicopter overhaul and helicopter repairs, contact Jay Petroske of our sales department at 714-755-2999.

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