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Helitack Made Possible By Trained Professionals & Timely Helicopter Repair

Helitack is a word used to describe the use of helicopters and crewmembers in aerial firefighting. When it is impossible or highly unlikely that ground crews would be able to get to a wildfire in the same amount of time, helitack crews are called upon to engage a wildfire and acquire early control of it. Helitack is made by highly trained and experienced firefighters, timely professional helicopter repair, and serious coordination efforts.

Generally speaking, helitack takes place in a couple phases, and depends on the severity the fire and environment in which it is happening. If the helitack team has the opportunity to get to the fire before it has stretched too far, the first phase involves dropping firefighters very close to the starting point, so that they can start creating a firebreak – a gap between the fire and any combustible material. While the crew is creating a firebreak, helicopter repair can take place while it is being loaded up with water drop supplies, like a Bambi bucket or airframe-mounted water tank.

If the fire continues after this initial stage, it is the role of the helitack crew members to move into support role, finding and locating spots suitable for helispots (places where helicopters can land safely) or helibases (places were support missions are flown from, and where helicopter repair services can be done safely).

Most of the helicopters that are used by firefighting agencies are utility helicopters, or helicopters that have good lifting capacity for water drops and large cabins for helitack crews or injured personnel. The UH1-Huey, also known as the Bell 205, is widely used in aerial firefighting in America. For precision water drops, sometimes very small and agile helicopters are used, such as the Bell 206 JetRanger or MD helicopters.


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