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Of The Many MD Helicopter Parts, What is NOTAR & Why Is It So Innovative?

NOTAR is the name for some innovative semi-new anti-torque MD helicopter parts. NOTAR eliminates the use for a tail rotor by using a fan inside the tail boom to accumulate an enormous volume of low-pressure air, which then leaves through two openings and fosters a boundary layer flow of air against the tail boom, taking advantaged of the Coandă effect. The Coandă effect is the tendency for a stream of water or air to conform to a nearby object. It happens if you poor a teakettle too lightly, or put your finger very close to the water coming out of a faucet.

NOTAR MD helicopter parts are used on many MD helicopter models, including the MD 520N, which is essentially the MD 500 but with NOTAR instead of a tail rotor, the MD 600N, which is just a bigger 520N, and the MD Explorer, a six seating multipurpose medium/light helicopter. These helicopters are some of the best in the world, and are used both professionally for emergency medical services, police operations like search, rescue, and surveillance, firefighting, and air-sea rescues.

Helicopters equipped with NOTAR technology are considered by many to be some of the safest helicopters in the skies, chiefly because of the absence of a tail rotor. Helicopters equipped with the NOTAR system tend to rank right there with the quietest certified helicopters, chiefly by eliminating the use of a tail rotor. According to McDonnell Douglas, many helicopter accidents are the result of the tail rotor, thus the use of NOTAR as a replacement could be extremely beneficial to the health and wellness of those in the helicopter industry.


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