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Regular Helicopter Repair Allows High Altitude Helicopters To Get Even Higher!

Helicopters never cease to amaze – especially helicopters that do something out of the ordinary, like fly at really high altitudes. In 2005, a AS350B3 helicopter piloted by Didier Desalle successfully landed on the summit of Mount Everest – which is at 29,035 feet, or 8,850 meters. Desalle hovered for a couple of minutes once he reached the summit, and then headed back down. Surprisingly, this happened to break the world record for highest altitude landing and take off. But wait, how exactly can a helicopter go that high? Don’t helicopters just turn off when they get above a certain height?

First and foremost, it needs to be a regular at the helicopter repair shop. All of the helicopters many parts need to be in fantastic working order. Secondly, the helicopter needs to have some specific design features, including (and most importantly) a light load.

These exceptional helicopters need to be as light as possible, because the air at high altitudes becomes incredibly thin, making it much harder for the main rotor and main rotor blades to provide the lift necessary to keep the helicopter at its current altitude (or to go higher!). The next design feature is one that keeps the engine from failing while in such an oxygen-deprived environment – and that design feature is a gas turbine engine. Gas turbine engines are lightweight and do really well at high altitudes. These engines are much larger and can perform much of the needed heavy lifting if it is placed in a helicopter that is relatively small.

High altitude helicopters have drastically changed the mountaineering game. Because of technological advancements and regular helicopter repair, it is now possible for very high altitude rescues, transport, and surveillance. Interestingly enough, high altitude helicopters may also be able to fly to the upper sections of mountains and look for early warning signs of avalanches.


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