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How Helicopters Have Helped Better The World

The history of helicopters has a lot to do with the history of helicopter components and how the greatest challenge was getting enough power to get lift off the ground for the weight of the crafts being designed. With the ability to fly forwards, backwards, and laterally, as well as, to hover and take off and land vertically, the helicopter had a very exact science that it needed to evolve in order to blossom and help change the world. The advantages the helicopters and the ease of helicopter repair have arguably provided the greatest increase in opportunities in the areas of search and rescue.

First off, the concept of the helicopter came from the earliest form of vertical flight – Chinese bamboo flying toys – which dated around 400 BC. From there, there were contributions from Leondardo Da Vinci in the early 1480s, along with many others throughout the decades. It wasn’t until around 1906 that two French brothers would actually make the first flight, even though they needed help balancing and were considered flying, but “tethered.” Years later, the industry really began to boom with the advent of the German Focke-Wulf Fw 61. This aircraft broke all of the existing 1937 world records for helicopter flight, and became a benchmark of the age. Finally, America would have its turn when Igor Sikorsky would create the R-4 helicopter, the first mass produced helicopter with an order for 100 helicopter units.

Once the helicopter components met the requirements, a type of flight was birthed that would change the face of how we think about rescue and flight in any sort of trouble-situation. With the mobility of the helicopter and its ability to hover, the opportunities for search and rescue have greatly increased in tough areas like oceanic wrecks, or during natural disasters. Whether it would be impossible to fly an airplane to a target location, or it simply would be safer to use the speed and agility of a helicopter in changing environments, a helicopter provides options that were previously unheard of. The helicopter also has the ability to slowly fly at varying heights, making it be able to give unparalleled sight for observing an area. Whether trying to spot a hurt person, surveying terrain, or keeping a spotlight on an area, a helicopter has flying capabilities that give it vantage points no other aircraft can attain.

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