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MD 500 Helicopter Parts For Police Helicopters

Many helicopters used by police forces across the nation are MD Helicopters. MD’s exceptional helicopter parts are essential to the functionality and safety of the helicopter. These helicopters vary in size and design depending on what they are used for, be it surveillance, search and rescue, high-speed pursuits, or personal or cargo transportation. MD helicopter parts keep the craft looking like a helicopter and running like a helicopter, but there are other unseen accessories common to these police helicopters that deserve some special attention – such as night vision and FLIR (forward looking infrared) cameras. What are these interesting instruments?

Most police helicopters are equipped with night vision and forward looking infrared cameras, two very different instruments that are utilized to provide visual information depending on what light is available. When we think of ‘night vision’, we think of that image with varying degrees of green. Night vision works by taking the tiniest amount of visible light that reflects off objects, magnifying it greatly, and digitally projecting it onto a screen or viewing area. Conversely, when we think of forward looking infrared imaging, we don’t really think of anything, because that’s not a common phrase, so instead, let’s think of it as thermal imaging. Thermal imaging works not by detecting light that reflects off of an object, but by detecting the heat an object gives off – and yes, every object has some heat to give off.

These two instruments work better at certain parts of the day. FLIR technically works at any part of the day, as sunlight doesn’t greatly influence its imaging capabilities. Night vision, on the other hand, works only when there’s only very little light available. While the night vision camera and forward looking infrared detector may not themselves be MD helicopter parts, they most certainly would not have the opportunity to be utilized, had they not the assistance of them.


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